Aquaculture Congress | Greece 2021

"2021/2027: Development challenges and critical milestones"

The 2nd Aquaculture Conference is being held in a different environment, as the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has dramatically affected dozens of areas of social and economic life on the planet. In this new environment, fish farming, the most dynamic animal feed industry in the world, is emerging as a critical pillar of growth for the EU.

The continuing dependence of EU member states, as 70% of the products consumed come from third countries, demonstrates the need for an immediate redesign of Community policy to increase primary production within the EU.

Greece as a leader in aquaculture or fish farming has great potential for further development, but also the promotion of high-quality products. It must therefore play an important role in shaping the EU’s new aquaculture plan and highlighting all the benefits of developing the industry. An industry that combines primary production with export-oriented, sustainable development and the use of new smart technologies. Political leadership from the EU and Greece, academic technocrats, and industry representatives will engage in a fruitful dialogue.

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