Aquaculture Congress | Greece 2021

Aquaculture as a key pillar of National Economic Development.

Aquaculture, and more specifically fish farming, is today the most dynamically developing branch of animal food production. According to forecasts by the World Food Organization (FAO) and the World Bank by 2030 more than 65% of fishery products will come from aquaculture.

The European Union produces 2.8% of world production (2.98 million tonnes) with the main picture of almost stable production since 2000 and the spectacular increase in imports from third countries with competitive lower-cost products. Indicatively, it is mentioned that 68% of the seafood consumption in the EU. is imported and only 10% comes from aquaculture.

In Greece, it is estimated that 63% of domestic production of fishery products came from aquaculture and the remaining 37% from free fishing. Fish and their products are one of the most extroverted sectors of the Greek economy, contributing positively to the country’s trade balance as they exceed the respective imports. It is reported that about 78% of the production is exported, while the remaining 22% is sold on the domestic market.

In terms of the international economic environment, competition from third countries continues to intensify, especially from Turkey, which is constantly increasing its production, resulting in 2016 to record the largest difference in the selling price between Greek and Turkish fish products.

It is therefore important to have an organized, institutionalized and at the same time an open process of exchange of positions, views, and experiences inside and outside Greece. To have an ongoing dialogue, draw concrete conclusions, and submit proposals to create the momentum that the rapidly growing industry needs to integrate plans and strategies compatible with sustainable development.

This development process will effectively enhance the industry’s promotions, demands, and overall position in the national economy.

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